Each year, UNNC allocates a substantial portion of its budget to support neighborhood groups with projects that benefit the entire community.

Any group or individual may submit a funding request for consideration. Individuals are required to identify a neighborhood group that sponsors their request.

UNNC purchases approved materials and services directly. We NEVER reimburse expenses.

Please PLAN AHEAD!  All Funding Requests must be presented to the UNNC Executive Committee first; then the Executive Committee makes the recommendation to move the request forward to the full board or asks the party requesting funds to make any changes or to get more information and then re-submit the funding request to the Executive Committee for a second review.  Therefore, we ask that you submit your funding request at minimum 60 days prior to the date funding is being asked for.

There are four forms depending on the type of request.

  1. Event support – Word Document for filling in on a computer, PDF for printing.
  2. Neighborhood Improvement Projects – Word Document for filling in on a computer, PDF for printing
  3. Neighborhood Outreach – Word Document for filling in on a computer, PDF for printing.
  4. Neighborhood Purposes Grant – only for established 501(c)3 organizations providing services in our community. (download PDF that can be filled in)


Generally, this category includes signage, food or insurance connected to neigborhood events. UNNC requires our support to be acknowledged on all event promotional materials, along with our logo, because this is part of our Outreach budget.  Please note that all materials using the UNNC name and logo must be approved in prior to circulation by the UNNC Executive Committee.

For block clubs that are just forming, UNNC may fund up to $500 for a first year block party, which may be requested for food, publicity and outreach materials, insurance, craft materials, and chair/table/stage rental. For existing block clubs, UNNC policy is to accept applications for funding the cost of event insurance, but such decisions are on a case-by-case basis depending on the board’s view of current funding priorities. Block clubs are expected to become self-sustaining for block party expenses.

UNNC welcomes requests from block clubs for signage used to announce meetings and for neighborhood outreach and education materials.

Examples of event requests funded in the past include:

  • Insurance fees needed for street closure for annual block club party. (Jefferson Park)
  • Hot dogs for Winter Wonderland organized by Herb Wesson’s Council District 10 staff.
  • Art supplies and decorations for South Seas House Halloween events and Spring Egg Hunt events.

Neighborhood Improvement

Neighborhood Improvement funding requests are for project materials and services that will result in a permanent upgrade to public areas of our community.

Examples of requests that were funded:

  • Plants and landscaping materials for beautifying the 4th Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.
  • Replacement of the worn out protective film on the front windows of the Jefferson Park Branch of Los Angeles Public Library.
  • LED lighting for the Jefferson Park Entry sign.
  • Doggy station dispensers and Scoop-your-dog signage for Benny Potter Park (West Adams Avenues)
  • Plants and landscaping materials for the bump-outs on Arlington (Western Heights).
  • Security cameras for Benny Potter Park
  • Historic Preservation Overlay Zone signs for Jefferson Park
  • Decorative posts for the street signs for the bump-outs on Arlington (Western Heights).
  • Support of any repairs needed for the Bike Fix Station at Benny H. Potter Park


UNNC will fund outreach that helps neighbors meet neighbors to work together or play together. UNNC requires acknowledgement on Outreach materials produced — please note that any materials using UNNC name and logo must be approved prior to circulation by the UNNC Executive Committee.

Examples of materials that UNNC would consider funding for groups include:

  • Design Fees
  • Signage and Banner Production
  • Flyers – Printing
  • Refrigerator Magnets – Production
  • Postcards – Printing
  • Doorhanger – Printing
  • Advertisement – Fees
  • Distribution costs (mailing house,  postage, or other delivery service)

Examples of past outreach that UNNC funded:

  • Yard signs or banners announcing regularly scheduled block club meetings.
  • Printing and distribution of 7000 doorhangers announcing the formation of the Jefferson Park HPOZ

Neighborhood Purposes Grants

UNNC has occassionally approved Neighborhood Purposes grants for 501(c)3s providing important services to our community. We recommend presenting your request toward the end of our fiscal year when we have a better understanding of potentially available funds.

Examples of past funding include:

  • A video projector for William Grant Still Art Center, a program run by Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs that provides arts education programs for local kids.
  • An Art Project that brought together local kids to collaboratively paint left over billboards sheets with the resulting murals displayed in our community for several months.
  • A grant for the Enrich L.A. Garden Ranger program at Carson-Gore Elementary School and at Pio Pico Middle School

Procedure for all funding requests

  1. A Request for Funding Proposal must be presented to UNNC Executive Committee at least sixty (60) days in advance of an event/project in order to be recommended to be on Governing Board agenda for a vote of the request proposal.
  2. Please review the attached Request for Funding Proposal and fill it out to the best of your ability. Please feel free to bring your questions to an Executive Committee meeting and we will help you understand what city resources might be available, what neighborhood contacts may be helpful, and what city requirements you may need to follow up on in order to proceed. UNNC is happy to advise you about what makes a successful proposal, but cannot vote on your proposal until it is complete and presented as an official agenda item at an Executive Committee meeting. The Executive Committee will evaluate whether the project follows UNNC and city rules and guidelines and if the project plan appears sound and benefits the community. If all is in order, the Executive Committee will forward the project to the full Governing Board for discussion and a vote.
  3. All Funding Requests must have a start date and ending date.  If project is delayed past ending date, an extension must be requested from the UNNC Governing Board.
  4. Once Funding Request is approved, a board member will be assigned to the event/project to coordinate with the UNNC Treasurer. The requester should keep in contact with the board member and Treasurer throughout the process.
  5. Payment is easier for everyone if you select vendors who accept Visa. Paying by check issued by the City of Los Angeles takes six weeks and requires:  (1) W9 Form and (2) an Invoice made out to United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council. We cannot and DO NOT reimburse anyone for expenses. UNNC must pay all vendors directly for UNNC funded project costs.
  6. To be submitted to Governing Board within thirty (30) days following the completion of the event/project:  (a) A final Expense Report – with line item amounts; (b) thank you letter to UNNC; and (c) photos (before and after photos if a beautification project).

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