What is the South Los Angeles New Community Plan?

The city is required by the state to have land use plans. Since Los Angeles is so large, there are 35 different plans. These plans are updated on a rolling basis, with plans getting updates roughly once a decade.

UNNC is in two of these planning areas: West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert New Community Plan and the South Los Angeles Community Plan.

The New Community Plan will not only revisit the goals and policies for the area, but will also establish a district plan known as the West Adams Community Plan Implementation Overlay District (CPIO) that will address the various land use issues in the community and provide regulations tailored to the specific needs for several CPIO subdistricts identified for the Plan Area.

The proposed CPIO “overlay” district as well as amendments to the existing Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan will include design standards that encourage attractive and well-designed projects. They will also regulate permitted land uses, height, bulk and overall design of buildings along the major commercial corridors of the Plan Area. They will encourage sustainable, mixed-use development around transit stations, promote a greater diversity of retail and neighborhood services that provide access to healthy foods and physical activity. The development standards will further regulate industrial districts to preserve the area’s economic/ job base while protecting adjacent residential uses.

Where do I find these plans and maps?

The West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert Park plan is here, along with the latest status from the planning department:


Zoomable Map of the West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert New Community Plan

The South LA Community Plan is here, along with the latest status from the planning department:


Zoomable Map of the South Los Angeles New Community Plan

Has UNNC taken a position on these plans?

Yes. Several of your neighbors reviewed the 2000 page plan and UNNC wrote a comment letter based on their observations.

UNNC also is very concerned that the plans used out of date population projections, and the 2010 Cenus showed less growth. As a result, our plans are proposing unecessary density, and we are concerned that the city is not fairly apportioning density growth across the city.

What is the status of these plans?

The city had public hearings on the West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert Park Community Plan.

The South Los Angeles Plan is in draft form.

However, Hollywood community members sued the city regarding the use of population numbers and other issues in the Hollywood Community Plan and won. The city is evaluating the result of that ruling on other Community Plans.