City rules call for noise, light and odor mitigation measures to be in place in 9 months. Action is on hold during appeal.

October 13, 2017 the City issued rules that will hopefully positively impact the community surrounding the drilling location at Jefferson Blvd and Budlong Ave.

The rules require that oil drilling equipment be permanently enclosed in a 45 foot tall structure to mitigate noise, odor and light concerns of community members. Further, the City will require monitoring systems to continuously track noise, vibrations, and noxious fumes. The results must be available online in real time. And LAFD will be notified if methane or hydrogen sulfide are detected.

Trucks will not be permitted to travel north on residential streets near the site, now owned by Sentinel Peak Resources, who plans to appeal this decision. They are to begin construction on the 45 foot structure within nine months, but that will likely be delayed with the appeal.

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