The South LA Area Planning Commission ruled in favor of appealed City rules on oil production in residential areas.

The LA Times reported on January 16, 2018 that the South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission ruled in favor of City rules issued in October 2017 regarding oil production in residential areas. This ruling was the result of an appeal filed by Sentinel Peak Resources, owner of the drilling site at Jefferson and Budlong.

The rules require that oil drilling equipment be permanently enclosed in a 45 foot tall structure to mitigate noise, odor and light concerns of community members. Further, the City will require monitoring systems to continuously track noise, vibrations, and noxious fumes. The results must be available online in real time. And LAFD will be notified if methane or hydrogen sulfide are detected.

Sentinel claimed that the new requirements were unwarranted, would cause the relocations of power lines, landscaping and underground utilities.

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