Crenshaw Expo Safe Landing Feb 2020

Download the below info in PDF format: Final Safe Landing Crenshaw Flyer

In partnership with the County of Los Angeles, Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Councilman Herb Wesson, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), and philanthropic partners, the State of California has made temporary housing trailers available to Los Angeles, to help create safe places for families to sleep. Governor Newsom is tackling the housing and homelessness crisis head on by issuing an executive order to rapidly increase housing and shelter options across California.

The temporary trailers adds to L.A. County’s toolbox of solutions to increase interim and permanent housing for our most vulnerable neighbors. Join us for a SAFE LANDING FOR FAMILIES CRENSHAW/EXPO BEAUTIFICATION DAY:

Saturday, February 29th from 9:00-2:00pm
3606 W. Exposition Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016

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What is interim housing?
Interim housing provides a temporary place for families to live while they are matched to a permanent home. Families are connected to interim housing through the homelessness service system and are supported with a variety of services on their path to permanent housing.

What are the details?

  • 10 trailers placed on county-owned land for 18 months
  • 10 families selected from the local area will be provided a temporary place to live
  • Support services on-site
  • Safe and managed environment (24-hour security)
  • Pets are allowed
  • A playground will be provided for the children
  • Regular sanitation services
  • Weekly trash pick-ups

For more info:
Victor James (323) 948-1444 x148

How can I help welcome families to Crenshaw/Expo Safe Landing?
You can help welcome families to Crenshaw/Expo Safe Landing by attending our Community Beautification Day on Saturday February 29th from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM. Join us as we assemble welcome home kits, garden, and engage in other activities to give safe landing a sense of home. Before the event, you can donate directly via the Safe Landing Wish List which includes toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other household items. Access the Wish List here:

Who will be providing services to the families?
Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care Services (HOPICS) will provide on-site case management and services to create and connect families to plans for stable and permanent housing. HOPICS is the lead service provider for people experiencing homelessness in the South Los Angeles region of Los Angeles County. Read more about HOPICS (

Why was this specific parking lot chosen to place the family trailers?
This parking lot was chosen because it is currently vacant, county-owned land, and there are currently homeless families with children in immediate proximity to the vacant lot. This vacant, unused lot provides a timely opportunity to immediately provide interim housing to families in this area. The County is also siting other interim and permanent facilities at other publicly-owned properties in areas of need. Read more about the urgent need to respond to the homeless emergency here:

Where and how did you choose the families?
The families were chosen through an intensive outreach process conducted by HOPICS. Each family is currently experiencing homelessness with young children and immediate ties to the neighborhood.

How long will the trailers be in place?
These interim family trailers will be in place for 18 months, during which families will be immediately engaged in a plan to link them to permanent housing.

Will this lot be secure?
Yes, there will be 24-hour on-site security to help keep the safe space and secure for the families and their neighbors.

Will there be privacy for the families and neighbors?
Yes, each family will be housed in private trailers.

What will the site look like?
To read more about the other Safe Landing site at 85th and Broadway, and to see images of the interior of the trailers, please click here:

Who can I contact for more information about the project, or concerns that I may have going forward?
For more information about the project, please contact Victor James at Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care Services at (323) 948-0444 x148.


Download the above info in PDF format: Final Safe Landing Crenshaw Flyer