Dear Friends and Neighbors:

UNNC sincerely hopes that you and all those whom you care about are safe and sound as we together face what is likely one of the biggest crises of our lives. Like a whirlwind, each day is bringing new change to our daily lives. These are quickly becoming difficult and scary times (especially if you need to explain what is happening to your small children). We wish the best and good health for you and your families.

UNNC has received notice from the City that all Neighborhood Council board, committee, alliance, and liaison meetings — as well as all other NC-related events — are suspended up to and including March 31, 2020 (at least). Indeed, as you probably know, nearly all City departments, facilities and institutions — including libraries, recreation and park centers, arts complexes, museums, animal shelters, the list goes on — are closed for at least the same period of time. City Hall is closed to the public, but as of this writing (but things are changing quickly) Metro Building and Safety remains open, by appointment primarily.

In addition, restaurants are closed (except at this time for take-out and delivery), as are fitness gyms, movie theaters, and other gathering places, under a directive issued by Mayor Eric Garcetti on Sunday. For more information on the Mayor’s directive, visit

The City Planning Department has cancelled all hearings and Commission meetings, including HPOZ board meetings, at least until the week of April 20.

As of today (March 16) Council District 10 has also sent its staff home — but they are still working for us, via email and phone (323-733-8233 or 213-473-7010). You can find CD10 staff members’ individual emails here:

UNNC has been asked to urge all Angelenos to sign up for NotifyLA, the mass notification system that the City is using to push out updates on COVID-19 response and prevention. Please encourage your family and friends to also sign up.

Councilmember Herb Wesson sent out an email this evening to neighbors that we want to share with you:

“Last night, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced an executive directive to slow the spread of the coronavirus across the City. The restrictions include a temporarily closure on all bars, entertainment venues, gyms and fitness studios, and dine-in restaurants, excluding takeout orders. This morning, the County Government announced they’d be taking the same steps county-wide.

“Tomorrow, the City Council will vote on emergency measures to implement a moratorium on housing evictions & mortgage foreclosures, initial financial assistance for small businesses, and other temporary measures to support working people during this period of economic uncertainty. We have also worked with Mayor Garcetti and the LA Department of Transportation to relax street sweeping parking enforcement in residential areas across #CD10 while we confront this crisis.

“With schools across the city closed, Los Angeles Unified School District is opening Grab & Go Food Centers, giving families 60 sites where they can pick up food for their children. The Grab & Go Food Centers will be open beginning Wednesday, March 18, and will be staffed weekdays from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Each child will be able to take home two nutritious meals. To find the closest Grab & Go Food Center to you or learn more about the program, please click here:

“These are incredibly challenging, unprecedented times we face. But more than ever, it requires us coming together as a people and recognizing that we will overcome this collectively, not as individuals. I encourage you all to stay at home as much as possible and not hoard essential supplies. This puts our must vulnerable citizens even further at risk, and ultimately hurts us more as a society.”

UNNC would like to share some additional community resources (thank you to Council District 10 and others who have compiled these links):

A note about our four-legged friends. It appears that our local veterinarians are following new protocols and are limiting their hours as well as limiting appointments to urgent cases. Please do call your vet before walking in to their hospital to verify the status.

Meanwhile, the City’s animal shelters are closed to the public. Staff is available to feed, clean, and provide enrichment for the animals in our care. Our Animal Control Officers will respond to emergency calls such as dangerous dogs, animal cruelty, and humane calls.

What does this mean for our community?

Adoptions: Wishing to adopt? Please visit If you find an animal that you are interested in, please call 888-452-7381. LA Animal Services will give you all of the information that they have on that pet. If you want to adopt, the department will note you as an Interested Party. Once operations resume, you will be able to come in and meet your new pet and make a final decision to adopt.

Surrenders: Anyone considering surrendering pets should delay doing so, if possible. If this is not possible and you live in the City of Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, please call your nearest animal services center for information. The city shelters are unable to accept community/feral cats and kittens at this time.

Found a Lost Pet: If you find a lost dog or cat that you can care for at your home, please visit this link to review the Shelter at Home Guidelines ( and see how you can help.

And finally, we received an uplifting email from Goldstar (the folks who bring you all kinds of ticketing opportunities for local cultural events). They wrote:

“We will do our best to continue supporting our local businesses so that they can weather this storm. We encourage you to do the same in ways that feel comfortable, whether it be ordering in from your favorite neighborhood restaurant, donating to artistic organizations who have had to shutter their doors, dropping canned goods off at food banks, or just offering a smile amidst the fear and chaos of preparing for the unknown.”

We hope that all of us will take every opportunity to stay safe.