by Lizy Moromisato
The deadline to complete the census is September 30. In Los Angeles County, 37% are still unaccounted for.
The U.S. Census Bureau conducts a national population count every ten years. This year, not only has the pandemic affected the way the census is conducted, but the completion date deadline has been moved up a month to September 30th.
The UNNC urges ALL stakeholders to complete the census as soon as possible. This is how the census data impacts us:
  • It allows us to have our fair share of representation in Congress at all levels: state, federal and local.
  • Federal funds are disbursed to local communities according to the census data. Pell grants, Medicaid, Medical–access to all these services are determined by the data. Housing and economic development are impacted if we are not included in the census data. Every single person needs to be counted so that we can get the services we so much need and deserve.

The census can be filled out in three different ways: by phone, mail and and online. The information you provide is confidential and protected by law. You don’t need to be a citizen to fill out the census. We all need to be counted.