Story by: Gavin Abercrombie

When I first moved to Jefferson Park, I was unaware of the United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council (UNNC), much less the Neighborhood Council System in the City of Los Angeles. I never thought I would ever be involved in local government, but it is never too late for any of us to get involved in our community.

The Neighborhood Council helps give a voice to our community in local government, specifically, it amplifies our voice and brings it to our Council District.

I became involved with the Neighborhood Council in 2017 when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) narrowed and condensed commercial air traffic going to LAX directly over our community. The community response to the FAA’s inundation of increased air pollution and constant noise pollution started with community meetings and the UNNC alerting the community to the issue.  Ultimately, the efforts of our community members and the UNNC, lead to Council District 10 becoming involved, with the Los Angeles City Attorney suing the FAA to seek justice for our community. While there is no resolution yet, the UNNC was a vital partner in this effort.

Is there anything you’d like to change in our community? Bring your ideas to UNNC and help make your community a better place.

You do not have to be a board member to get involved!

You can help your community by joining one of a number of existing neighborhood council committees, or perhaps start a new one!

After all, a community is only what we make of it, or what we want it to be. UNNC Governing Board meets the first Thursday of every month. So we invite you to come to a UNNC meeting – at the very least you’ll meet some of your neighbors and hopefully make some new friends!