Another election has passed and our community voted on many propositions that most of us have already forgotten. Which ones passed, which ones failed? I do remember that some of the propositions were opportunities to raise money for public projects, maybe schools?

So when I saw new trees planted on Venice Boulevard, a thought popped into my head: Where did the money come from to pay for the trees? I was very pleased to see the trees and felt they would certainly help to increase the number of people willing to walk in my neighborhood, but who do I have to thank for this improvement?

As it turns out, I can thank my neighbors. So, thank you!

You passed Measure M in the November 2016 election. The half cent per dollar sales tax increase has paid for many improvements like repaving Venice Blvd., adding handicap accessible sidewalks to the corners and, of course, these trees.

As a person who frequently complains about my government, I guess it’s only fair to be reminded that in some areas the City, County and State actually do get some things done. In this case, they got it done when the public agreed to fund the effort.

So, thanks again to my fellow Los Angeles residents for making my neighborhood a much nicer place to live.