by Greg Jackson

There are four Mission Statements in the United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council’s (UNNC) bylaws and in this article, I will look at each statement and reflect on my practices to consider if I have implemented actions supporting the mission of UNNC. I hope that as you read this, you’ll be inspired to reflect on ways you can help carry forward UNNC’s mission as well.


Mission Statement #1

To empower and bring together a diverse community to maintain and improve Stakeholder quality of life;

How have I brought together a diverse community to the UNNC community? Have I informed my neighbors about UNNC and our current projects? Have I shared our website, our Zoom links and asked them to participate and provide their input? Have I invited individuals who do not look like me, that do not come from the same social circles? Have I invited them to participate in UNNC meetings and activities?

Mission Statement #2

To work, in cooperation, with the necessary agencies toward the protection and improvement of our area, effectively addressing the needs and concerns as identified by our community;

As a member of the UNNC board, do I know the agencies that address issues related to my community? Do I have a positive, cooperative working relationship with them? Have I set supportive and regular communication? Have I established and understand protocols of communication and their job requirements in support of our community efforts?

Mission Statement #3

To provide an inclusive open forum for public discussion of issues concerning City governance, the needs of this Council, the delivery of City services to this Council, and on matters of a Citywide nature;

When individuals attend our meetings and when my fellow board members attend meetings, do they ‘feel’ that I am listening to them? Do I affirm what they have shared? Do I give them adequate time to share their thoughts, issues, and concerns? Do I make a habit of summarizing their points before I go on to the next issue? Are members of the public attending our board meeting and providing input on matters? Have I informed them about issues on the agenda and told them that their thoughts are important?

Mission Statement #4

To advise the City of Los Angeles on issues concerning City governance, the needs of this Council, the delivery of City services to this Council, and on matters of a citywide nature.

Am I actively participating in an advisory mode to the city by participating in the Community Impact Statement (CIS) process? Do I understand how the CIS process works? Do I discuss with my fellow board members and community members the services that we collectively want the city to address?

As I reviewed the four mission statements and reflected on my practices, I see some things that I am doing well, some that need improvement and others that require focused attention. I hope that your time of reflection was productive for you as well.

La Skyline Sunset