Our Voice MattersUNNC has held several recent meetings where we voted to make our positions known regarding having a voice and a vote at the Los Angeles City Council after the suspension of Council District 10’s elected Council Member, as well as our stance on redistricting matters. We wrote this to the Los Angeles City Council: “Council President Martinez and several other Council Members have expressed concerns in the past few days that many Angelenos’ voices may not have been heard during the recent redistricting hearings, and thus new hearings are being held. The United Neighborhoods of the Historic Arlington Heights, West Adams and Jefferson Park Communities Neighborhood Council (UNNC) is equally concerned that our stakeholders, and all residents of CD10, may also be unheard in the weeks and months ahead, on this matter and on other crucial matters.”

Read our full position statements here:
UNNC Letter to Council President Martinez [PDF]
UNNC Community Impact Statement [PDF]