Menu Indicator SpeciesJoin the second annual LA BioBlitz Challenge through the entire month of September (Sept. 1-30 2022) to photograph and map animals, insects and plants found in your neighborhood, local parks, off of hiking trails, and in other natural areas.

Are you able to take a picture of that coyote slinking through the streets? How about your neighborhood raccoon or opossum? And can you identify some of your local trees and flowers?

Sponsored by the LA City Biodiversity Program and Los Angeles Public Library, you can report data about local plants and animals by downloading the iNaturalist phone app. Report within your own neighborhood and feel free to report throughout areas within LA City borders. Several areas within LA City could use additional reporting, including a few within UNNC borders; find them on this LA City Observation Hotspot Map.

Visit the LA BioBlitz Challenge homepage or read the Frequently Asked Questions page in English or Español.

Enjoy being a citizen scientist and have fun!