You have probably heard by now that Hurricane Hilary has strengthened into a Category 4 storm with winds over 130 mph, and it looks like it’s headed straight for Southern California, potentially bringing heavy rain, high surf, significant wind, and possible flooding, according to forecasts from the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Hilary

At this time, it looks like there’s a chance of showers on Saturday but the major storm may hit us on Sunday night through Monday morning.

Assemblyman Isaac Bryan, District 55 (representing most of UNNC), has shared: “The Ready LA County website,, has many resources to help residents prepare for and stay safe during rainy weather. Residents are urged to take precaution and stay updated by signing up for emergency alerts.”

In addition, “Alert LA County” is a free mass emergency notification system for Los Angeles County residents and businesses. Alert LA County sends shelter-in-place instructions, evacuation and other emergency messages. It has accessibility features for people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs and you can select your preferred language for notifications.

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Sign up here for notifications:

Council District 10 is also on alert this weekend, and shared the following information:

Hurricane Hilary Update

Hurricane Hilary is currently intensifying in the pacific ocean southwest of Mexico. It is expected to impact the Los Angeles region as a tropical storm on Sunday, August 20th, 2023.

Rainfall impacts associated with Hilary within the Southwestern United States are expected to peak this weekend into Monday. Flash, urban, and arroyo flooding is possible with the potential for significant impacts.

Although it is too soon to determine the location and magnitude of wind impacts, interests in these areas should monitor the progress of Hurricane Hilary and updates to the forecast. Tropical Storm Warnings and Watches are now in effect for southern portions of Baja California Sur, and additional watches or warnings will likely be needed for Southern California on Friday.

Large swells from Hilary will spread northward along the coast of southwestern Mexico and the Baja California Peninsula during the next several days.

Weather Forecast

Per National Weather Service projections, the hurricane could reach Category 4 strength with approximately 130 mph winds parallel to the Baja Coast. Once it reaches Sna Diego, it will likely weaken to a Tropical Storm.

In the Los Angeles region, we can expect northeast winds approximately 30-40 mph, and up to 50 mph in the mountains. We can also expect thunderstorms and rain beginning Sunday afternoon through Tuesday, with approximately 1-4 inches of rain expected in Los Angeles County in that timeframe.

Local weather updates can be  found at:

For updates on Hurricane Hilary, visit:

Expected Impacts

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch from Sunday Afternoon through Monday Evening for Los Angeles County. Significant wind and rain is expected, with potential flooding, as well as high surf. High risk fire conditionas may be created due to winds, although impacts may be mitigated by high humidity and rainfall.

It is important to note that exact impacts will vary depending on the path of the storm over the next few days.

Public Information & Resources


West Area: Mayra Guevara, Terrence Gomes
Mayra Guevara –; 323-276-4921
Terrence Gomes –; 323-276-4925

Mid-City: Danielle Mero, Wendell Greer
Danielle Mero –; 323-733-8531
Wendell Greer –; 213-645-3974

Koreatown: Evette Kim, Alan Antonio
Evette Kim –; 213-675-2987
Alan Antonio –; 323-733-8594

South-West Area: Jonathan Mitchell
Jonathan Mitchell –; 213-509-9778

South-East Area: Eric Aguiar
Eric Aguiar –; 323-276-4918

Most emergencies are unexpected. But with some advance planning, you can be ready to tackle events such as these. That’s why UNNC’s Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee is planning to offer several emergency response training sessions in the months ahead — please watch our “UNNC News” emails for future information about how to sign up.