• Region 1 Resident Representative – Seat 2 (Group B) (2023)

** Area Representatives must live within the neighborhood they’re seeking to represent. An At-Large Representative must be a Stakeholder who lives, works, owns property anywhere within the UNNC footprint and/or has a stake in the neighborhood as a “community interest stakeholder” (e.g., a person who affirms a substantial and ongoing participation within UNNC’s boundaries as a member of or participant in a community organization).

Click here to download a PDF of the application.

Submit completed applications to

The UNNC Executive Committee will begin interviewing Candidates to fill the Region 1 vacancy at its meeting on Thursday September 20, 2022. A candidate must be present (virtually, on Zoom) to be interviewed. These are public meetings.

UNNC Boundary Map

If you decide to serve, this is a chance to help determine what programs UNNC may engage in, to have a vote on land use and other city issues you may be interested in, and to help decide what initiatives UNNC may fund. And perhaps more importantly, to help give back to our community.

Responsibilities of a UNNC Governing Board member include:

  • All UNNC board members attend monthly governing board meetings on the first Thursday of every month, currently via ZOOM. Routine attendance is required.
  • All UNNC board members agree to a Code of Civility and to comply with UNNC Board Rules.
  • All UNNC board members agree to volunteer for UNNC-sponsored events and projects, and to participate in committees.
  • All UNNC board members must comply with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) regulations. UNNC Board Members are required to take City-mandated trainings, including Code of Conduct Training, Funding Program Training, Ethics Training, and Anti-Bias Training, plus any other required workshops and training sessions.

About UNNC:
The United Neighborhoods of the Historic Arlington Heights, West Adams and Jefferson Park Communities Neighborhood Council (UNNC) Governing Board consists of 23 Board seats. 12 board seats are designated for Area Representatives and 11 are designated for At-Large representatives who must have a specific “community interest” within the UNNC footprint.