Run for a Seat on UNNC

UNNC helps make decisions about trees, parks and green space, youth and community activities, keeping neighborhoods clean and safe, and more and we invite you to register to run for a seat by April 1.

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Resolution To Support Appeal in Case No. ZA-2017-796-CU-1

RESOLUTION (DRAFT) RESOLUTION TO SUPPORT APPEAL IN THE CASE NO. ZA-2017-796-CU-1A, 1919-1921 S. 4thAvenue (Arlington Heights) Be it resolved that the United Neighborhoods of the Historic Arlington Heights, West Adams and Jefferson Park Communities Neighborhood Council (known as UNNC) is making a formal recommendation to the South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission and the Los Angeles City Council to SUPPORTthe Appeal against allowing a parking lot in the residential zone at 1919-1921 South 4thAvenue in Arlington Heights and to OPPOSEthe Associate Zoning Administrator’s Determination that would allow this use. Whereas, the South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission on February 1, 2011, definitively voted and issued a Final Determination in Case No. ZA-2009-3290-CU-1A that upheld a prior Appeal, overturned the Zoning Administrator’s decision to approve the parking lot, and denied a Conditional Use Permit to construct and maintain a parking lot in the residential zone (e.g., the same Applicant’s identical previous proposal to convert the residential parcel located at 1919-1921 S. 4thAvenue into a parking lot); and Whereas, the South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission in that Determination made findings that stated: “The South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission was concerned that the use of the proposed parking lot in connection with the adjoining 30,000 square-foot commerciallindustriaI building would result in an over-intensification of the subject site. Given the industrial nature of the existing tenants in the adjoining building, the Commission was concerned that the parking lot would be used as a staging area for loading and unloading and that the use of the site as a parking lot would create more problems than it would solve. The Commission was also concerned that the proposed parking lot would encroach into an existing historic neighborhood. Therefore, the proposed location would not be desirable to the public convenience and welfare”; and Whereas, the South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission made an additional finding that: “Testimony at the appeal hearing indicated that the subject site has been in use not only as parking but as a staging area for loading and unloading activity in connection with the tenants of the adjoining commercial building which has caused traffic, congestion and nuisance activity in the alley and on 4th Avenue. In addition, the lot has been used as a truck storage and overnight parking of commercial vehicles. The landscaped setbacks proposed along the perimeter of the parking lot would not be adequate to buffer or mitigate Read more

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Crenshaw Restoration Project

The restoration of Crenshaw Bl is anticipated to begin in June 2018 and will result in street closures and detours.

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How the West Got Funked Up

“HOW THE WEST GOT FUNKED UP” – March 10-June 9, will exhibit original artwork, magazine articles, concert posters, archival photographs, and a significant discography related to a movement that changed the sound of music in the West Coast of the United States called FUNK. Read more

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