Committee Mission

Our mission is to empower our stakeholders and the community at large by:

  • facilitating information and access to city services, issues and events within the UNNC footprint;
  • keeping them engaged and included;
  • encouraging their involvement.

The outreach committee shall support UNNC, its committees and its stakeholders in
their efforts to improve the quality of life in our community.


Our vision for the long-term is to have an ongoing promotion and visibility of the UNNC and city services among all stakeholders.

Also, establish solid relationships with various groups in the community (neighborhood associations, block clubs, non-profit organizations, businesses, etc.).

Lastly, identify stakeholders’ needs and their diversity (homeowner, renter, business owner, someone who works here, or holds some type of interest in the community. We also include our neighbors regardless of their immigration status, and the ones who are experiencing homelessness; the formerly incarcerated; religious and spiritual congregation members; students in our local schools and their families.)


To promote awareness of the UNNC via distribution of promotional materials, canvassing, and social media.

To establish an ongoing general schedule of events (created by UNNC, or attended by the neighborhood council) at the beginning of each fiscal year.

To coordinate the participation and promotion of the UNNC in community events and activities in collaboration with other UNNC standing committees.

To distribute promotional and informational materials with transparency and reducing carbon footprint as much as possible.


Regular Meetings

Meetings are held in person and virtually on Zoom at 7pm on the 2nd Monday of every month. Always check the Calendar for changes in time and venue.

Next Meeting

Outreach Committee

August 12 @ 6:15pm