Recent interest in Emergency Preparedness led UNNC members to activate and rename the former Public Safety Committee as PS &EP. Launched January 2022 with earthquake preparation and recovery the primary aim while continuing to address public safety concerns,


Robust neighborhood resilience and preparedness plan in ongoing collaboration with resources such as Neighborhood Team Program (NTP), CERT, RYLAN and Cool Blocks.


Raise disaster awareness, distribute materials on increasing readiness and resilience, identify neighborhood resources and sponsor certified training events.

Mission Statement

Ensure that we all feel safe and secure in our daily lives. Bring neighbors together to create a resilient community using our collective resources and social bonds.


  1. Increase Emergency Management Department funding through advocacy
  2. Interact with other NCs to share information, resources and tactics
  3. Identify and take advantage of/adopt existing printed materials
  4. Create neighbor-to-neighbor groups such as Cool Blocks
  5. Provide LAFD, NTP, CERT, RYLAN and Cool Blocks training events
  6. Add fixed-agenda progress checkpoint to each PS & EP monthly meeting
  7. Require quarterly accomplishments report
Dennis Leski
Dennis LeskiCo-Chair
Grace Yoo
Grace YooCo-Chair

Regular Meetings

Meetings are held in person and virtually on Zoom at 7:30pm on the 2nd Monday of each month. Always check the Calendar for changes in time and venue.

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