Represent all the parks inside of and within walking distance of the UNNC boundaries. Advocate for park access for all community members.


Although UNNC is lacking in parks and green urban environments that promote healthy activities, creative experiences, and social spaces, we see a future where parks and green spaces are fully accessible to the community. To this end, this committee will represent all parks in the UNNC boundaries and will advocate for parks opened to all community members.


To this end we will:

  • Serve as advocates for our current four parks and two historical building:
  • Preserve and cherish the parks that we already have.
  • Advocate for:
    • Pocket Parks
    • Pop up parks on unused land (such as parcels owned by developers who are not yet ready to build).
    • Distribute green space evenly in the community
    • Safe and clean parks and rec center

Specific Goals include:
Short term (within 12 months)

  • A new director at South Seas House, a permanent director, not interim or a director in training.
  • An assistant director at South Seas House.
  • Monthly dialogue with the area supervisors.
  • Prompt repair of any damages at the parks and rec center
  • Obtain monthly reports from the SLO/ Park Rangers
  • Open the Isadora House (next to South Seas House) to the public

Future Goals (include expanding the responsibilities of the committee)

  • Incorporate libraries into the committee
  • Advocate for reuse of old Washington Irving library for community benefit
  • Improve walkways, such as with landscaping, art, and other attractions to encourage walking
  • Increase activities at all parks, pocket parks and rec centers inside of and within walking distance of the UNNC boundaries
  • Community gardens



Regular Meetings

Meetings are held in person and virtually on Zoom at 7:30pm on the 4th Monday of each month. Always check the Calendar for changes in time and venue.

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