Neighborhood Council Elections Are Coming Soon!

2021 Neighborhood Council Elections

UNNC Election Day is
April 22, 2023

Please come and vote!

Dear Neighbors and Stakeholders,

Due to recent developments in our UNNC Governing Board membership, the list of candidates for the upcoming elections has changed and is no longer competitive. For your reference, we are providing a copy of the current list below (the timing was such that the ballot could not be updated), including the names of the three individuals who have been appointed to other positions on the UNNC Board and therefore have withdrawn from their candidacy, AND ARE NO LONGER PART OF THE ELECTION:

Laura Meyers Withdrawn ~ appointed to the board
Candice Jackson Withdrawn ~ appointed to the board
Diana P. Cooper Withdrawn ~ appointed to the board

The following persons are still candidates in the election (please come and vote to show your support):

Area 1 Resident Representative – Seat 2
Divina Harwell (certified 2/7/2023)

Area 2 Resident Representative – Seat 2
Kareene Alprecht (certified 1/17/2023)

Area 3 Resident Representative – Seat 2
Michael L. Kimbrough (certified 2/7/2023)

Area 4 Resident Representative – Seat 2
Gregory David Jackson (certified 2/7/2023)

Area 5 Resident Representative – Seat 2
Christopher A. Weed (certified 2/6/2023)

At Large Representative
Edward L. Saunders (certified 2/1/2023)
Paula C. Southern (certified 1/31/2023)
Michael Soderstrom (certified 2/6/2023)
Sarah Longhenry (certified 1/13/2023)
Sho’ K. King (certified 2/3/2023)

The 2023 elections will be hybrid, meaning In-Person and Vote-by-Mail.

Candidates and voters need not be US citizens or legal residents to qualify. Participation is also open to the formerly incarcerated, and those who are unhoused. The minimum age to vote is 16; the minimum age to run for NC seats is 18.

WE ARE STILL HAVING AN ELECTION. Please do come and vote on April 22.

We also invite you to celebrate Earth Day (at the same time) by participating in UNNC’s adjacent event:
Earth Day 2023 Celebration: Sustainability and Resilience

We will have a dozen community partner organizations with information about sustainability (worm composting, climate change, local farmers market, recycling, smoke-free housing, sustainable architecture, etc.) and emergency preparedness (including mini-cert-training). And kids activities!

The Election is at the Washington Irving Library, 4117 West Washington Blvd.

The Earth Day Celebration is just 225 feet east, at 12th Avenue and Washington (12th Avenue will be closed between 18th Street and Washington Boulevard).

Both events are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Please come to our Earth Day event and meet the candidates/new UNNC board members and our current/continuing board members. Hope to see you then!

LA City: How to become a candidate

Candidate Info Sessions

Join the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment on Zoom to learn tips for candidate filing, running a successful campaign, and connecting with voters.

See session dates & RSVP to get information to join the session(s) online or by phone:


UNNC – Lifting Every Voice

What it means to be a Neighborhood Council candidate

Watch this short video by Empower LA:

* An At-Large Representative must live, work, own a business, go to school, worship, or participate in a community organization that has continuously maintained a physical street address within UNNC’s boundaries for at least a year —  and that organization must perform ongoing activities that benefit our UNNC neighbors and neighborhoods. A community organization can include, but is not limited to, educational, non-profit and/or religious organizations, parks, recreation areas, public safety organizations, environmental organizations, medical/health organizations, libraries, religious institutions, service organizations, or other at large entities.

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