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Joint Committee Meeting—Planning & Zoning, Historic Preservation

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
6:45 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Council District 10 Field Office, 1819 Western Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90006
** Meeting **
* Welcome and introductions
*  Updates to the West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert Community Plan — Planning Department Presentation
Presentation of further proposed changes to residential neighborhood zoning in West Jefferson Park and Arlington Heights, as part of the adoption process for the new/updated Community Plan – DISCUSSION and ACTION
*  CHC-2014-3675-HCM and CF 14-0225; 2067 South Hobart Blvd.
Request to support City Council’s action to initiate and designate the John L. Matheson/Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) California Mission Residence at 2067 S. Hobart Blvd. as a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument.  – DISCUSSION and ACTION
* Public Comments
Future Meetings:
The next regularly-scheduled Planning & Zoning (P&Z) meeting is Wednesday, November 5, 2014.
(Standing P&Z meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at the South Seas House, 2301 West 24th Street.)
Comments from the public on agenda items will be heard only when the respective item is being considered. Comments from the public on other matters not appearing on the agenda that are within UNNC’s jurisdiction will be heard during the Public Comment period.  Please note that under the Brown Act, UNNC is prevented from acting on a matter that you bring to its attention during the Public Comment period; however, the issue raised by a member of the public may become the subject of a future UNNC Planning & Zoning Committee  meeting.
   The agendas for the UNNC meetings are posted for public review at the following locations: 1) CD 10 Field Office, 1819 S. Western Av., L.A. 90006; 2) Washington Irving Library; 3) Starbucks – at Crenshaw/Washington and at Crenshaw/39th; 4) South Seas House and Benny H. Potter Park; 5) Jefferson Park Public Library, as well as at the UNNC’s official website at www.UNNC.org where you can sign up to be notified of future meetings and event. Stakeholders may also subscribe to the City of Los Angeles Early Notification System (ENS), through the City’s website at www.lacity.org, to receive notices for UNNC meetings. For more information, you may also contact President of UNNC at president@UNNC.org or at 323-731-8686.
   As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and upon request will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities. Sign language interpreters, assisted listening devices, or other auxiliary aids and/or services may be provided upon request. To ensure availability of services, please make your request at least 3 business days (72-hours) prior to the meeting by contacting UNNC President at 323-731-8686.

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