Coyotes in the Neighborhood

UNNC Neighborhood Council is hosting a presentation entitled "Walk on the Wild Side with LA City Animal Services!" Neighborhood Stakeholders have observed an influx of coyotes, trotting down streets, in backyards, on front porches via home cameras. Why are we seeing these wild animals in urban areas? Is it safe? Are our pets and small children safe in our yards? What if the animal has rabies? The City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services' Wildlife Specialist has the answers! Find out the do's and the don'ts when encountering a coyote. Wildlife Specialists will share information on how to safely coexist with wildlife and ways to keep us and our pets safe. DATE: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6 2022 (before the Governing Board Meeting) TIME: 6 - 6:30pm Presentation 6:30 - 7pm Q&A WHO: WILDLIFE SPECIALISTS (Presentation and Q&A) LAPD (First Responder Questions) CD 10 REPRESENTATIVE (Questions related to the City) WHERE: Zoom meeting: Meeting ID: 816 0231 9570 Download this page's info in PDF flyer format

September 26th, 2022|

UNNC 20th Anniversary Celebration

The United Neighborhoods of the Historic Arlington Heights, West Adams and Jefferson Park Communities Neighborhood Council (UNNC) was certified by the city in May, 2002. On Saturday, September 17, UNNC commemorates our 20 years of service, honoring our founders and presidents at an anniversary ceremony. UNNC is proud of our two decades giving voice to our community's concerns at City Hall. We have addressed many issues over the years, ranging from quality of life, land use developments, oil drilling and affordable housing, to parks, trees, homelessness, and more recently, assisting the City of Los Angeles and our community in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, UNNC and YOU make a difference. Saturday, September 17, 7 to 9 p.m. Surfas 3225 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90018 See map For more information, please email Thank you.

September 14th, 2022|

Taste of Soul Vendors Wanted!

Community Announcement: The Taste of Soul festival will be held this year on Saturday Oct 15, 2022. Are you interested in becoming a Taste of Soul vendor? Register on the Taste of Soul web site!

July 29th, 2022|

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