Code Enforcement Committee

Community Impact Statement Committee

  1. Monitor the Council Motions and Proposed Ordinances, and Cases moving to City Council,
  2. Alert Committee Chairs and the Executive Committee to relevant items
  3. Follow up on agenda items and manage proper submission of UNNC Council File Statements to the Council File system.

Chair Rosie Brown

Economic Development Committee

Interface with business stakeholders Beautification and improving our business corridors.

Election Outreach Committee

This ad-hoc committee prepares and distributes election outreach materials and organizes election events such as “Meet the Candidates”.

Executive Committee

Comprised of the Officers of the Governing Board Reviews Funding Requests and makes recommendations to the Governing Board Reviews Governing Board agenda Reviews members’ absences Takes care of UNNC business as needed Meets with Committee Chairpersons to deal with any problems, issues, and/or projects Deals with administrative issues of the organization.

Regular Meeting: Third Tuesday of the month at Council District 10 Field Office

Historic Preservation Committee

There are four historic preservation overlay zones (HPOZs) within UNNC boundaries, and many additional Historic Cultural Monuments and historic resources. This ad-hoc committee reviews development plans that affect historic resources.

Contact John Arnold, Chair.

Jefferson Park HPOZ Committee

The Jefferson Park HPOZ Committee is an ad-hoc committee that educates neighbors on the guidelines and processes required to renovate street visible property exteriors in Jefferson Park.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee works to communicate on behalf of UNNC with the stakeholders of the community. Develops flyers, coordinates the UNNC website, manages news media coverage for UNNC and coordinates newsletter publication and distribution.

Contact Dolores Spears, Chair.

Public Safety Committee

Public Safety works with the community, the Council office, and LAPD and LAFD to address issues of safety, security and law enforcement. The committee considers and seeks to find remedies for neighborhood “hot spots” and coordinates projects with LAPD and other City agencies.

Public Works Committee

Addresses the complete range of issues arising from City Services within UNNC’s boundaries: street maintenance, lighting and paving, code enforcement, sanitation and trash collection and code enforcement including parking issues.

Recreation and Parks Committee

  • Includes LAUSD recreation spaces Include greening (pocket parks, medians)
  • Interface with neighboring recreational centers and sports leagues for activities for UNNC youth
  • To think beyond the City’s Parks and Recreation Department
  • Interface with Department of Recreation and Parks.

Subcommittee on Oil & Gas Reform

The city regulatory framework is antiquated, not transparent, and does not address modern oil production techniques. Current Los Angeles municipal code distributes ordinances and rulings among the city departments for Zoning, Public Safety, Public Works, and City Petroleum Officer in the CAO. The UNNC Planning and Zoning sub-committee on Oil & Gas Reform will meet about the potential reform of the City of Los Angeles regulations for urban oil fields, including establishing contact with subject experts, oil drillers, the community and city officials. The committee will hold Brown Act compliant discussions with the public, but is not authorized to take any actions other than making recommendations to the Planning & Zoning committee.

Tree Committee

Would you like to see more trees on our commercial corridors? Is your neighborhood in need of parkway trees? Help green our community.

Youth Committee

UNNC’s Youth Committee works to encourage the participation of the Council’s younger stakeholders. The Committee has staged youth forums, supported other area organizations which work with young people. This Committee actively seeks participation of young people.