UNNC is your representative to Council District 10 and to City agencies and departments. If you have any concerns, suggestions, or things you would like to see done in our community, use our contact form, email president@unnc.org or call 323.731.8686.

What is a Neighborhood Council?

The Neighborhood Council is you, your family, and your neighbors. It is composed of people who a stake in the well-being of the area that the Neighborhood Council represents. Technically called “stakeholders”, these are people who live, work, own property in the area, or who have a genuine concern for the community through their membership in a local organization, their affiliation with a school, a church, a non-profit organization, or who have some other similar involvement. The Neighborhood Council is open to everyone.

What Area Does it Represent?

The United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council serves the communities located between the south side of Pico Blvd and the north side of Rodeo Road and the east side of Crenshaw Blvd and the west side of Normandie moving inward to Western at the 10 fwy, then to Arlington at Jefferson Blvd, following the eastern boundary of Council district 10. (See Map).

What Exactly Does the Neighborhood Council Do?

Through an open and democratic process, the Council holds public meetings to discuss, listen to stakeholders and ultimately take a united stand on issues concerning our community. UNNC addresses a complete range of community concerns including pending City legislation, City services and code enforcement, safety and security matters and planning and economic development in our community.

UNNC maintains a number of standing committees which are open to all stakeholders and which address a wide range of community concerns and initiatives . UNNC Committees are the primary source of the organization’s positions on issues, actions on behalf of our community and the expenditure of UNNC funds on community projects and programs.

The UNNC Budget consists of a moderate amount of tax-payer money which is allocated to the City’s many Neighborhod Councils and which UNNC spends at the discretion of its Board. In addition to supporting the organization itself, UNNC has used its budget to

Fund improvement projects, support community-based events and activities, improve parks and streetscapes and educate and inform UNNC stakeholders.

UNNC is your voice!